About Us

Higher Loyalty is a sustainable line of intimates aimed at creating luxury products that are safe for your body and the planet, without compromise on aesthetic. Made from naturally colored organic cotton, which is inherently non-allergenic and anti-microbial, our line also features innovatively made lace details to reflect just how women want to feel. By making our pieces better and safer for you, our practices also have the planet’s welfare at heart. Without traditional garment dying, we avoid the usual toxicity, water wastage and pollution that comes with garment production to give our pieces a true sustainable integrity.

Named after a line in Dr. Martin Luther King’s book ‘Strength to Love’, Higher Loyalty is a testament to the idea that deep fulfilment comes in pursuing one’s passion.

Our founder Shelby Jones took a leap of faith to develop her own line after ten years of climbing the corporate ladder. Our goal is to encourage others to find the confidence to follow their higher loyalties, especially when it comes to bettering ourselves, our communities and our planet. Nothing is sexier than doing the right thing.